Hike Along the Ruta del Litoral to Playa del Paso

Our first video is online on YouTube! A scenic cliffside route from the charming town El Golfo to the black, isolated Playa del Paso, across the surreal landscape of las Montañas del Fuego -- one of the very few ways to walk through the off-limits Timanfaya National Park.


Valentina and Daniele

8/8/20232 min read

Playa del Paso por la Ruta del Litoral

One of the most scenic route in Lanzarote, along the cliffs of the coast of Timanfaya National Park, Lanzarote.

Route walked on July 23, 2023.

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We're thrilled to announce the release of our very first video on Adventure Lanzarote's brand new YouTube channel. Join us as we embark on a picturesque hike to Playa del Paso, nestled along the coast of the iconic Timanfaya National Park.

Starting Point: El Golfo

Our adventure begins in the charming village of El Golfo, known for its excellent fish restaurants serving the freshest catches. As you savor the flavors, don't miss the mesmerizing Lago Verde, the Green Lake, a stone's throw away. Parking is a breeze at the road's end, making it the perfect starting point.

The Journey: Through Lava Fields and Along Cliffs

The trail, stretching approximately 7km round trip, is a gentle one. With a modest climb of about 200m and a well-trodden path, it's hard to lose your way. As you traverse the lava fields of Timanfaya and skirt the cliffs, you'll be enveloped by the raw beauty of Lanzarote. And while the path is straightforward, remember, this is the volcanic desert. Arm yourself with water, dodge the midday sun, and brace for the occasional gust of wind. Trusty trekking shoes or comfy sandals are your best companions here.

The Destination: Playa del Paso

As the trail ascends a hill and then descends, you'll encounter a fork. For those seeking a challenge, the path continues towards Playa del Cochino and concludes at Playa de la Madeira, offering a rugged and rarely trodden experience. But for our journey, a quick five-minute detour down a dirt road from the fork leads to the crown jewel: Playa del Paso. While its siren call might beckon you, bathing is off-limits. Yet, its status as one of Lanzarote's most stunning black beaches makes it a sight to behold.

Heading Back

With unforgettable memories (and certainly more than a few photos) of Playa del Paso, retrace your steps and head back to El Golfo, where a delicious fish meal or just a cool drink might be waiting.

Ready to Dive In?

Experience the magic, the landscapes, and the allure of Playa del Paso in our debut video. And as always, stay adventurous!