Papagayo Connection - Hiking and Swimming from Playa Mujeres to Playa Papagayo (4K Video)

Lanzarote's untamed beauty unfolds in our latest 4K adventure from Playa Mujeres to Punta Papagayo, as we trek and swim through Los Ajaches' iconic landmarks like Playa del Pozo and Playa de la Cera. Starting at Playa Mujeres, easily accessed from Playa Blanca, we journey through turquoise waters, rugged terrains, and secret coves, culminating in an exhilarating swim from Playa Papagayo to Punta Papagayo and a fun desert hike on the trails for the way back.


Valentina and Daniele

9/1/20234 min read

Papagayo Connection

Hiking and Swimming from Playa Mujeres to Playa and Punta Papagayo through the iconic Monumento Natural de Los Ajaches in South Lanzarote.

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Lanzarote is an island of vibrant contrasts and powerful landscapes, beckoning explorers. Our latest adventure, "Papagayo Connection," captures this spirit in striking 4K resolution.

Getting to Playa Mujeres

Accessing the beautiful Playa Mujeres is a little adventure in itself. Follow the signs for Playas Papagayo from Playa Blanca: just East of the town, beyond Marina Rubicón, you can't miss them. A fun and bumpy dirt road journey from Playa Blanca awaits (are your suspensions any good?). As you take the right at the sole fork, the sight of the ocean becomes your travel companion. While you can still see the bustling Playa Blanca from here, Playa de las Mujeres -- with its golden expanse peppered with tiny black grains -- transports you to the realms of the Monumento Natural de Los Ajaches, a perfect example of Lanzarote's efforts in conserving nature’s marvels. Getting here does come with a minimal toll of 3€.

By Land and Sea

The idea of our trek was the blend of land and sea traversals. So we donned watertight backpacks and open-water buoys and embarked.

Lanzarote unfolded its tapestry of colors, from the shimmering turquoise waters -- a color which often seems too beautiful to be real -- teeming with diverse marine life to the rugged coastline painted in shades of yellow, rust, and ochre. Our path led us through secret canyons, mystic caves, easy climbs and slippery rocky terrains (wear good diving shoes!). We were greeted by hidden gems like the the secluded Caleton San Marcial (an almost secret, diminutive couple of beaches just East of Mujeres, reachable swimming or by the rocks both with low and high tide), the evocative Playa del Pozo and Playa de La Cera, all of them set like gemstones in cliffs complexly carved by the masterful hand of volcanic rage, wind and ocean.

A Strange Encounter

As we were wandering underwater, we were rewarded with the sighting of an alien. Getting closer, the guy began to wave at us with a weird proboscis. It was the elusive sea spider: Pycnogonida, look them up! They are very, very mysterious animals. You can see the sea spiders (because, just later looking at the footage we discovered there were two of them!) at the minute 2:20 of the video story.

Playa de Papagayo

We disembarked below the Mirador de Papagayo, where emerald pools host baby fish and crabs, and the rock formations sculpt monsters. We explored the place (up and below) and then resumed our walk for the last stretch, leading us into the deep-set cove.

Reaching the iconic Papagayo Beach, renowned as Lanzarote's poster child (and for good reason, at that), Valentina and Daniele took the liberty to indulge in a 500m aquatic foray to Punta Papagayo, surrounded by a jaw-dropping spectrum of marine fauna. Our return, partly along the the intricate rocky formations and partly by water again, was equally mesmerizing.

Back by the Desert

Time to get back. We climbed up from the heavenly cove by the far end (because it's way funnier than the standard stairway leading there), and steered clear of the frequented parking areas. Then, we took the sun-flooded network of trails of the Ajaches, guiding us back to Playa de las Mujeres and our trusted Megane. Arm yourself with sunscreen and a camera, for this 30-minute stroll, kissed by the Saharan sun, is nothing short of a visual feast which will offer fantastic scenes and an experience you'll want to remember, show, and tell.

So we saw in rewind all the awesome beaches we had passed from the low path, enjoying them from a new point of view.

Papagayo Beaches: Crowds and Seclusion

  • Playa Mujeres: Beyond being a postcard-perfect beach, its popularity also stems from being the first beach en route. Thankfully, its expansive size ensures there's space for all. The color of the water at the West end is out of a dream and creates an incredible contrast with the rocky formations, and you'll meet thousands of colorful fishes swimming right beside you.

  • Playa del Pozo: A less-crowded alternative, offering tranquillity amidst the hustle and a distinctly Saharan feel. It can be reached from the Papagayo as well as from the Mujeres parking, but requires a bit of walking in both cases. Best choice if you look for quiet and space.

  • Caleton San Marcial: Almost a secret cove, despite its ease of access from Mujeres. Can be reached by the rocks (beware: slippery!) or with a short swim. They are two diminutive beaches, very tide-dependant. You'll ask yourself if they're real.

  • Playa de la Cera: An alternate spot when Papagayo gets too busy, given its proximity and visibility from the shared parking space.

  • Papagayo: Considered by many the most beautiful beach in Lanzarote, its petite size means it often brims with visitors. Weekdays or shoulder seasons are ideal for quieter experiences. Fantastic for swimming, snorkeling and freediving. Quiet waters, crystal water and bustling with sea-life even just a few meters out.

  • Playa del Congrio: Beyond Punta Papagayo, this wilder, windy stretch is a preferred spot for nudists. We didn't touch it in this trek, but it can easily be reached from the Papagayo parking with a 5-minute, pleasant walk. Beware: currents and waves are definitely stronger here than on the South-facing beaches.

"Papagayo Connection" is a symphony of nature’s grandeur and the spirit of exploration. A deep dive into the very essence of Lanzarote - where nature's wildness meets human curiosity. Lanzarote’s untamed beauty, a stone’s throw from its buzzing tourist core.